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Oh, Geez....

Hello, Boy, it's been a while. While I've known for quite some time how to laugh and smile, I'll stop quoting dorky song lyrics at you. Hm. Well...

NaNoWriMo was kind of a fail last year. I did get much more done than the year before that! But still nowhere near 50,000. The past two years November would roll around and I'd start working on it and schoolwork and suddenly life would explode all over me and I'd start fighting with my parents and stuff and it was just bad. Considering my course load this year and how, err, sensitive my little sister is being to my actions, I think I'm going to bypass that disaster and just sit out this year. I can write on my own time. In theory, anyway.

I have to admit, I haven't written much on Cluttered Magic since last November, when I wrote quite a bit on it (for me). So, that sucks. I think I have something floating around about when Jordan was in school. There's some 'oh, erm, your my best friend and you're gay hm' things going on with this kid Murphy that I was writing. A sort of series of awkward events. He has an on-again off-again girlfriend named Cassie and poor Murphy is almost always the dumpee, and at one point he thinks it's because he's a terrible kisser and gets Jordan to give him lessons and it's really just very awkward all around. After deciding that Matthias and Jordan didn't have enough chemistry for me to justify them ending up together I haven't really gotten much done on the current storyline, I must admit. >.>;

My bad.

BUT I MISS YOU, and I miss writing and I miss LJ augh I'm sorry! The summer where I was writing things and posting them was one of the best ever and I miss it. I'm poking around a story involving a library boy who befriends a dragon and also a Miracle Man who ends up with the two of them. Kind of. They go on a quest. I don't think anyone reads this, so I won't go into explaining, lol.


If I were less busy with school I would write things for you, I promise! auggghhh...

A Lesson In Grandmothers

Not Cinderella related, but have some prose!
Notes From the Whore HouseCollapse )


Children, give me a suggestion or a prompt or just demand something of me, and I will do your bidding.

Writing-wise, that is.

I'll attempt fanfic if requested, try any fandom and I'll let you know if I don't know enough to do it. Original stuff is great, fanfic for original characters, be them mine or someone else's, is always fun. :p

Basically, I'm up for anything but I'm not promising more than drabbles.

Hold Me, Internet...

Oh, oh God...

My NaNoWriMo this year is like a sick, demented version of the Breakfast Club wherein everybody dies, isn't it?


In other news, I've turned into a total Star Trek nerd over the course of last week and I didn't do anything useful over fall break.

Sulu is my favorite of TOS ever, and if I could pick someone to ship it'd prolly actually be- Ohmygosh, did you see how Sulu and Chekhov went on vacation together?!- a sort of Bones/Kirk/Spock thing.

But, yeah. So, basically, nothing new.

Cluttered Magic, Part Out Of Order

I'm a little embarrassed that this "extra" is twice as long as the rest of it and has somehow turned into plot-important during all of its rambling, but that's how these things go. :p

Features one cameo- no, more like a plug thing- that I'm slightly ashamed at its blatancy, and the rest are from my head. The character who is based off a real life person is, indeed, based off of them, though there are lots of differences.


Matthias was surprised to see that she wasn't wearing one of the flouncing, rustling skirts that were so in style this year, but she had instead opted for dark leggings and a creamy brocade tunic.Collapse )

A Peon

which is like a poem, in the way that it has letters. This is for my friend Taylor. And me. It's for me too.

State Lines Don't Mean A ThingCollapse )


Book Babbles

SO! As mentioned in an earlier post, I am completely and totally scratching my plot idea. I was working on my bonus thingy and trying to make it all work together when I realized that this book was no longer about the courtship of Eileen Redborough.

Now, to fully understand this I must take you back in time to early July. I was lying in bed, thinking about the sisters of Mr Jordan Yardley, brainstorming on Jacquelyn, the middle child. She was coming together quite nicely and my thoughts began to wander to Jacinthe, the eldest, who was at the time unnamed. One thing I did know about her, however, was that she was a summoner, working specifically, as all summoner's do, with demons.

Logically, my almost-to-sleep brain jumped to the next step of the creative process and said, "Ooh, ooh, and she should be the villain!"

And I said, "Huh? What? Brain, this is not the time for plot-changing decisions! I have a plot going along quite nicely and chickbooks do not have villains. ...At least, this one doesn't."

But my brain insisted, yet I persevered, ignoring it quite well.

However, now that I've scratched that plot, I'm seeing trends in what is developing. First, Jacinthe is going to be a villain, though unwittingly.

Mercury is going to play an important role, as well as the Scientists' Movement.

More on that later!

Cluttered Magic, Part Three

Ouch, it has been a while, hasn't it? With school and everything, though, I have had no real time for writing. Saaaaad. But yes. Part three has been sitting, nearly done, in Google Docs for at least two weeks, and I finally sat down and finished it tonight.

One of the reasons it hadn't been going up was because I'M WRITING SOMETHING SUPER SPECIAL for jessofthebugs. Yaaaay!

That's almost done (sort of) too.

It was less of a mess and more a large collection of seemingly unrelated items.Collapse )

Dear God,

Thank you for tech-savvy teachers. Amen.

IN CASE ANYONE CARED, I'm working on part 3 of Cluttered Magic, have scratched my plot entirely and am also working on a little bonus thing. I have too many kids in this tub.

On another note:

[11:08:45 PM] Rhi: It's late
[11:08:51 PM] Britt: It is. We should go to bed.
[11:09:49 PM] Rhi: Yes.
[11:10:06 PM] Rhi: I will converse this 'morrow's eve
[11:10:13 PM] Britt: NIGHT!
[11:10:27 PM] Rhi: Parting is such sweet sorrow, etc.
[11:10:32 PM] Rhi: Omg, I'm a nerd

Edited out a little bit of other random things, but I am the super dork.